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The Trusted Injury Clinic for Pain Management Jacksonville FL

Nov 3

Back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain can make your life challenging in Jacksonville, FL. You may not be able to perform your daily tasks and live a quality life due to the pain. But East Coast Injury Clinic – Jacksonville Chiropractor has a lasting solution to relieve the pain regardless of the cause. We are a reliable clinic for pain management Jacksonville FL, and here are reasons why you should visit us for treatment.

We Have a Highly Trained Team and a Well-Equipped Facility 

East Coast Injury Clinic has a highly trained team in Jacksonville, FL comprising chiropractors, injury doctors, therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, and other medical specialists. The team has vast experience in treating different injuries and conditions. We have invested heavily in chiropractic tools and equipment to make examinations and treatments much easier. So when you come to our injury and knee pain Jacksonville FL clinic, you will be examined by professionals using the latest chiropractic tools and equipment. We will also provide quality treatment and care to help you overcome pain and heal quickly.   

We Use a Personalized Approach

We know that pain can be caused by different factors. For instance, knee pain can be caused by arthritis or knee injury. For that reason, we take a personalized approach to assess your condition and offer personalized treatment based on your pain/condition and needs. Our Jacksonville chiropractic clinic has a wide range of treatment solutions like chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, ice therapy, IASTM, myofascial release, and more that can help relieve pain and address the underlying cause of the pain.  

We Will Support You Until You Fully Recover 

Please note that shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, and knee pain can be caused by an injury or other conditions. For that reason, relieving pain may not be enough to address the entire problem. You will need a comprehensive treatment plan that will relieve the pain and address the cause of the problem. And that is why our Jacksonville clinic provides treatment and comprehensive support until you fully recover. This will ensure you have a fast, seamless recovery process.  

We Will Directly Bill Your Insurer

After treatment, we will directly bill your insurer. This will ensure you focus on your Jacksonville injury recovery instead of the complicated claim process. But in case the insurance cover doesn’t clear your bill, you will be required to top up the balance.  

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